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credits: Hardi Kurda

Everything Illegal


Also for the final per­for­mance in the frame­work of his resi­den­cy at Radio Corax, Har­di Kur­da collec­ted indi­vi­du­al sto­ries about ille­gal actions and expe­ri­en­ces with ille­ga­li­ty. Based on con­ver­sa­ti­ons with the expe­ri­men­tal Cel­list Kha­bat Abas, the per­for­mance artist Sher­ko Abbas and an anony­mous voice, as well as on the basis of his own expe­ri­en­ces, the com­po­ser crea­ted a score for voice and radio­la springs — a vio­la pre­pa­red with springs and radi­os that the artist plays hims­elf. The vocal part is per­for­med by the sopra­no and voice per­for­mer Nina Guo. For the inter­pre­ta­ti­on of the score the per­for­mers met on air for a “tele­pa­thic” live per­for­mance on Radio Corax 95.9.


Everything Illegal” Live Radio Performance /  June 7, 2020
with Hardi Kurda, Radiola Springs & Nina Guo, voice
and the narrations of: Khabat Abas, Sherko Abbas, Hardi Kurda & an anonymous voice


Conversation with Hardi Kurda on illegality and his radio project “Listening’s Urgency”


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