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Listening’s Urgency“ – Live Radio Performance

In times of con­ta­ct restric­tions the radio is all the more an instru­ment to bridge the iso­la­ti­on. What role does lis­tening play in times of cri­sis? In his pro­ject “Lis­ten­in­g’s Urgen­cy” the com­po­ser and sound artist Har­di Kur­da, cur­rent sti­pen­dia­ry of the Radio Art Resi­den­cy, explo­res this question.

In this, Kur­da is sear­ching for the in-bet­ween sounds of the medi­um and the gaps in the social order: Do we over­step the bor­ders of lega­li­ty by lis­tening? What does ille­ga­li­ty mean? Can ille­ga­li­ty make noi­se? Is noi­se illegal?
A live radio ensem­ble of musi­ci­ans, artists and wri­ters from dif­fe­rent parts of the world pur­sue the­se ques­ti­ons in Kur­das pie­ce. The radio lis­teners are invi­ted to fol­low them and to reflect their own listening.

In the cour­se of the per­for­mance we invi­te you to share your lis­tening impres­si­ons via chat.

Tune in:
Listening’s Urgency – Live Radio Performance

with: André Damião, Maxi­mi­li­an Glass, I‑ID, Peshraw Moham­med, Kani Kamil, Kamil Korol­c­zuk, Har­di Kur­da, Soheil Sohei­li, Niga Salam, Ralf Wendt

Sunday, April 26, 2020, 8pm (CET)
on Radio CORAX 95.9 & streaming on



Gra­phic: Score for Radio (Har­di Kur­da, 2020)

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