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Review: Margins for Madness — Installation for Radio

From Novem­ber 23rd to Novem­ber 30th, Sara Ham­dy tur­ned the gal­le­ry Blech. Raum für Kunst Hal­le into a gar­den and radio space.
The instal­la­ti­on Mar­gins for Mad­ness, Unde­s­i­ra­ble Monu­ments was part of Hamdy’s ongoing
rese­arch loo­king at the ways in which mad­ness and unre­a­son are social­ly con­struc­ted. How is
mad­ness embo­di­ed and embed­ded in public space? For the artist, the simul­ta­ne­ous seclu­si­on and
exte­rio­ri­ty of urban gar­dens are a meta­phor for what we call madness.
Plant lovers were invi­ted to bring their favou­rite green flat­ma­tes and let them be part of the instal­led gar­den, which con­sti­tu­ted the space for several radio events:

Opening broadcast (extract)

The Museum of Plant Animals (Extract)



Pho­to: Thies Streifinger


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