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This week a com­pi­la­ti­on from Find Your Own Raven Voice tra­vels through the Radia Net­work - and airs on Radio CORAX satur­day, 2.30 pm.

Hi lis­teners, here I’m tal­king about the pre­sent voice, sharing ener­gy and trans­for­ma­ti­on. Here, I’m tal­king about per­for­mance, about body fee­ling facing the micro­pho­ne. Here, your are lis­ten­ing to a com­po­si­ti­on with the voices of Radio Corax mem­bers.

Twice a week, I invi­te a voice of Corax to join me in the stu­dio for a live “Hör­spiel”.

Find Your Own Raven Voice is an on air play­ground to impro­vi­se the decon­struc­tion of lan­guage, our uncon­trol­led voice, and to hear a voice we’ve never heard befo­re.

If you want to find, you have to know how to lose. This is the game.

Give me your tongue and I’ll give you ener­gy.

Clai­re Ser­res

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