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In the mon­th of Octo­ber Clai­re Ser­res invi­tes twice a week for an live on air-play:

Which kind of bird are you? A night bird hiding in the trees? Or a seagull laug­hing in the sun?
Find Your Own Raven Voice is a live on air game which makes you hear a voice you’­ve never heard befo­re. On the play­ground of the radio stu­dio, this broad­cast ques­ti­ons the iden­ti­ty of your pre­sent voice.


Tune in:

on Wed­nes­days 19.20–19.50 p.m.
on Thurs­days 10.30–11.00 a.m.

on Radio CORAX 95.9 FM in Halle/Saale and via live stream


Pho­to: Clai­re Serres

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