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Sound Mapping the City — An Acoustic Map of Halle


Sol Rez­za is map­ping the city of Hal­le acousti­cal­ly. In April the broad­cas­ting seri­es Sound Map­ping Hal­le is crea­ting and pre­sen­ting an acoustic map of the city of Hal­le on air and online. In our first broad­cast we tal­ked about the con­cept of “maps” and the act of map­ping. What pro­vi­des a sound­ing map? Sol Rez­za is pre­sen­ting the first mark on the acoustic map: “The Wall of Illu­si­ons”, an acoustic reflec­tion on the mural of Hans-Joa­chim Triebsch in Halle


(Broad­cast: Sound Map­ping the City / 18 March 2018, with: Judith Bai­da­les, Tina Klat­te, Sol Rezza)


The act of map­ping public and pri­va­te spaces is an act of tag­ging the­se pla­ces. In several live broad­casts the­se acts crea­te real-time radio narratives.The resul­ting acoustic tags and sonic reflec­tions of the city are gra­du­al­ly shaping a sound map, which pro­po­ses an alter­na­ti­ve con­cept of “ori­en­ta­ti­on” for its listeners.


Broadcasting Schedule Sound Mapping the City

on Radio CORAX 95.9 &

Sunday, April 1 – 8pm: Sound Map­ping Hal­le – an acoustic map of the city

Wir ver­mes­sen hier eben die Ufer
Esta­mos midi­en­do la oril­la del río aquí
نحن هنا لقياس ضفة النهر
We are just mea­su­ring the river­si­de here
Nous mesurons actu­el­lement le rivage ici

Sunday, April 4 – 8pm: Sound Map­ping Hal­le – an acoustic map of the city
Un Tema De Nue­s­tro Tiempo

Fri­day, April 13 – 3:10pm-6pm:  LIVE  Der Küh­le Brun­nen (The Cold Well)
The secret acti­vi­ties of car­di­nal Albrecht in “The Cold Well”, whe­re he crea­ted hims­elf a sort of dark room, as well as the place its­elf, a still exis­ting medi­eval buil­ding, are part of a live radio inter­ven­ti­on in public space.

Fri­day, April 20 – 1pm:  LIVE  Vanis­hing / Was­ser­kraft / Klopfzeichen
Trans­mis­si­ons out of the water tower

Sunday, April 22 – 8pm. Sound Map­ping Hal­le – an acoustic map of the city

Sunday, April 29 – 8pm: Sound Map­ping Hal­le – an acoustic map of the city
The Color of the Sounds by Lyonel

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