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Listening to the City on

Pho­to: Kon­rad Behr


On Mon­day we were guests at in Wei­mar. The artists and radio makers from the Class for Expe­ri­men­tal Radio at Bau­haus Uni­ver­si­ty Wei­mar invi­ted us to be part of their live broad­cast “Lis­tening to the City”. Sol Rez­za intro­du­ced her sto­ry of map­ping the city of Hal­le acoustically.


Lis­tening to the City — Five acoustic sto­ries of the city


With Sol Rez­za, Ale­jan­dro Wey­ler, Andre­as von Stosch, Mar­kus West­phal, Eleft­he­ri­os Kry­sa­lis, Grit Lie­der, Tina Klatte
Edi­t­ing: Grit Lieder
Tech­ni­qes: Jani­ne Müller
on, 23.04.2018, 7pm

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