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Performance Claire Serres; Corpyright Charlotte Gonzalez

Allô, Allô la Radio

In con­ver­sa­ti­on with Clai­re Ser­res about her art­work, the upco­m­ing RAR and voices in radio:

fea­turing extrac­ts from the artist’s radio per­for­man­ces Hea­vy Machi­ne (SWR Art’s Bir­th­day, 2014) and If u’re stop, u’re dead (Sav­vy Funk, docu­men­ta 14, 2017)

Pho­to: Clai­re Ser­res per­forming with voice, mic and speaker (at Mains d’O­eu­vres, Paris, 2015) / Credit: Cha Gon­za­lez


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