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Find Your Own Raven Voice — composition



Hi lis­teners,
here, you are lis­ten­ing to a vocal com­po­si­ti­on based on the record­ings of the live broad­cast Find Your Own Raven Voice. The broad­cast was a live on air expe­ri­ment, hap­pe­ning for the month of Octo­ber on Radio Corax. Twice a week, I invi­ted a mem­ber of the radio to join me in the stu­dio for a “Hör­spiel”.
Find Your Own Raven Voice lay­ed a play­ground for non-ver­bal encoun­ters. The raven voice found the­re is decon­struc­ting the lan­guage, it is a voice wit­hout tone and gen­der, a voice that allows trans­for­ma­ti­on.
Clai­re Ser­res


Find Your Own Raven Voice
by Clai­re Ser­res
with Abir, Helen, Hele­ne, Max, Ralf, Reem, Tina


Sunday, Octo­ber, 8 p.m. on Radio CORAX
Satur­day, Octo­ber 24, 1 p.m. on Radio CORAX
Gra­phic: Clai­re Ser­res
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